With the advent of hybrid powered vehicles, environmental consciousness and renting a limousine are no longer mutually exclusive ideas. Virtually all types of hybrid vehicles are available as rental limousines, including some very impressive hybrid stretch limos.

Rental limousines are the transportation of choice for more than just airport transportation, corporate CEO’s, prom dates or weddings; they are a great choice for anyone visiting an unfamiliar city or those who simply prefer having a professional driver at the wheel.

Hybrid powered limousines are available in every large city and model choices range from sedans to SUVs and magnificent stretches as well. They offer the same comfort and conveniences as traditional gas-powered vehicles coupled with environmental friendliness and economy. Since the majority of such rentals are for one or two passengers, smaller models are a popular choice.

Statistics show that a small to medium sized hybrid sedan produces up to 50% less carbon dioxide per mile than a luxury gas powered car while using approximately 50% less gasoline. Automatically using a battery powered electric motor, instead of power derived from gasoline for such functions as braking saves the hybrid as much as 30 miles per gallon over their gas guzzling counterparts.

Hybrid powered limousines are a natural extension of the consumer demand for energy efficient vehicles. Automobile manufacturers have become passionate about making green transport as available and as luxurious as possible.

Virtually every amenity available in a conventional vehicle is available in a hybrid; one of the few exceptions is extreme amounts of added weight. President Obama’s request for a hybrid presidential limo was denied because the added weight of armoring such a vehicle put too great a drag on the power required by the Secret Service for presidential protection.

Limousine services offer an array of hybrids, all of which emit less harmful toxins into the air and require less carbon based fuel than similar sized gas vehicles. Quieter and cleaner than gas vehicles, this type of transportation helps prevent global warming and promotes energy independence.

Hybrids of every make, model and body style can be transformed into stretch limos. Customers with a vehicle preference can usually rent a limo, regular or stretch, as easily as placing a phone call, especially in the larger cities.

The Toyota Prius Hybrid, is a becoming a favorite among rental limousines services. Its sporty exterior, even in a stretched version with 6 doors, and roomy interior make it the perfect mode of transportation for small groups.

Limo services are offering regular un-stretched versions of hybrid vehicles that are being billed as limos because of the chauffeur service. For small parties of 3 people or fewer, this is also becoming a popular option for eco-conscious consumers.

The Ford Escape SUV Hybrid, efficient and versatile, is economical and family friendly. The Lexus RX 450h SUV and the super-sized LS 600h are great choices for a more prestigious look and a luxurious ride.

Mercedes offers the sumptuous S400 Hybrid, the first such vehicle with a compact lithium-ion battery, and the huge Cadillac Escalante SUV.

Surprisingly, rental rates for hybrid powered limousines are often less than their gas guzzler counterparts. Limo services routinely pass on to the customer the gas and maintenance savings they realize.

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