Toby Hall built a man-sized version using a Berrien Buggy chassis, a 1641cc 4-cyl. engine, a couple of bomber seats and of course some red paint. Toby spent a lot of time building his new toy with a tubed frame, bomber style seats, exposed engine and a great paint job. One the coolest features is the tow that can be pulled both by car and by hand when the handle is tilted down.

* Created for the Centennial Celebration of Children – 1989
* Dimensions – 12’ high x 12’ wide x 27’ long.
* Weight – 26 tons.
* Made of steel reinforced concrete.
* Will hold as many as 300 people supporting 100 lbs. per square foot.
* 43” high edges with the rounded pinch points removed.
* Curbing ranges from 6’ to 10’ away from the sculpture itself.