by Bob Clarke

You pay an arm and a leg for a new car and in only a few short weeks, you get that first scratch. It could happen in the parking lot or while driving down the highway, but your show room perfect car now has an imperfection. If you would like to repair that imperfection, all you need is some automotive touch up paint. You can repair the damage so that no one ever sees the scratch. Just follow the paint instructions.

In this dime-sized case, all that you should need to take care of the problem should be touch up paint, (comes in a bottle with a brush) which is verymuch like nail polish.

Begin the job by thoroughly cleaning the area that you will be touching up. Start with soap and water and then move to a product that is designed to remove grease and wax from the area. Masking tape can help to protect the rest of your vehicle.

Sand any surface rust using 220 grit fine sandpaper and then coat the area with rust converter.

Any unpainted area will need to have primer applied. Primer adheres the paint to the unpainted metal or other materials. It can also be used to fill small imperfections which are on the surface of the vehicle. Give primer eight to ten hours drying time to allow for curing and then use your fine sandpaper again to smooth any rough spots and to feather edges.

Next, you need to put the primer on the unpainted surface. Primer is made specifically to stickto the metal car surface and to have paint stick to it. You can also use it to fill in any holes or cracks in the surface of your vehicle. Make sure you allow the primer at least
10 hours of drying time, and then use the same grit sandpaper from before. Then feather the edges of the primer to make it real smooth.,

Clear coat should also be applied in thin multiple layers, just like the base coat. Once again wait about twenty minutes between coats and once finished give the clear coat about eight to ten hours or overnight to dry. You can use rubbing compound or extra fine (1000 grit) sandpaper to remove any imperfections from the clear coat. Let the clear coat dry about three more days and use rubbing compound to smooth the entire area.

If the rest of the car is oxidized, gently rubbing with the compound will remove the oxidized paint. Be careful that you do not rub through the paint with the compound. Do not use towels or wash cloths with rubbing compounds, only t-shirt materials.

Let the touched up area cure for thirty days and then wax the entire vehicle. After the final waxing, you will hardly notice the area that was scratched anymore. It may even be invisible.

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