Selecting the right tires for your vehicle can make the car drive smoother. It can also save you money because you are getting the exact tire you need and will not have unusual wear to the treads.

Size is the most important part of getting tires. You must have them fit so as to not shorten the lifespan of your car or cause damage to it. This information can be found on the tire itself, the owner’s manual or you can ask at the store.

How you drive can also impact the tire you need. Most people can use an all terrain one and it suits their needs, but if you routinely drive where there is no pavement, then an off road tire might be better. If you use freeways, and go faster, then a high endurance tire may be better suited to you.

Weather can also play a role in the selection. While the all terrain works for many people, if you live where it is really hot, then a summer tire can make your tires last longer. Conversely, if you live where it’s icy and snowy, a winter tire can make driving safer for you.

When you replace your tires, it is always best to buy five at a time, so you can rotate a spare in with them. This can save money since many places offer deep discounts for multiple tire sales. If you find you need one or two only, find out why and get it corrected, since this indicates a problem.

Selecting the right tires for your auto is imperative. It allows the auto to drive as it was intended from the company and can save you money by not having to replace them as often.

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