It is a clich that installing radios and stereo in an expensive car especially in Volvo is difficult. It could be in fact by the type of system that is purchased. There are simple as well as complex stereos that are available in market. If the instructions on how to install a radio in Volvo is followed, it could be very easy to finish the job and without any professional help. The first advice that has to be followed is that the radio that is purchased must be of proper size and this will ease the effort of installing it.

Why do we encounter a problem during installation.? Is it because of insufficient knowledge and experience to do this job. The answer is no. The problem arises when we make a wrong choice of stereo for our volvo which gives a series of complications. So our first job is to ensure if we are making a correct purchase. Compatibility needs to be checked. The perfect and matching stereo is not common for all volvo. It may vary from one year to another. Sometimes it may also change with different models.

The first thing that must be done is to buy a car stereo which is compatible. It must be enquired for its compatibility for the model of the car. Generally it will consist of wiring harness and mount of proper size for the stereo. Make a small enquiry about this fact before one stereo is purchased. Once the stereo and the other tools are ready, disconnect the battery of the car. In order to disconnect, remove the negative end that is the black wire with the help of a wrench.

How is the compatibility check made? It is simple. A harness for wiring and a mount provision for stereo should be present in any system that is compatible. The wires connected to negative terminal of car battery is disconnected. These wires are usually painted black in color. Center console has screws attached to it. These screws are removed by the use of screw driver and the console after being taken out is kept separately.

After removing the console, remove the old stereo system from the car. Then disconnect the antenna wire and the wiring harness from the stereo. These wires will be located at the rear end of the stereo. The next step is securing the stereo mount in the dash with the help of clips. The usage of clips can be avoided if the stereo mount fits snugly in the dash.

This new stereo is then connected to wiring harness via its adapter. The next thing that must be connected is the wire connecting the antenna. These both connections are made behind this new stereo. Then place this stereo back in its position in the dash.

The last step we should supply power. This can be done by again connecting wire to the battery. The wire is to connected to the negative terminal. This wire will be present usually in black color. The job is done. However it is better to make a final check to see if we have finished installation of new stereo perfectly in our volvo. Just switch on radio. If it plays properly we should pat ourself because we have now become half professional. If it does not work let us not worry . Check if all connections and disconnections are done correctly. The only place where it is little risky top work with is the live wires. So ensure that the battery is switched off.

Some precautions like prying out the clips from the car must be done carefully so that it does not cause major damage to the car. If this precaution is followed along with these instructions on how to install a radio in Volvo one can successfully complete this job.

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