It is typical for a factory car stereo to have many connections between various parts in a specific direction. These connections may be from the ground, speaker, memory and main power source. When a situation arises in which the car stereo has to be replaced, the wires must be disconnected carefully and may be time consuming. This makes removing a factory car stereo very difficult. To overcome this, there are adaptive harnesses available in market. This harness can be connected to original connector and the new radio in the either sides of the harness. To make the proper fitting of the latest radio, a faceplate may be used. These harnesses are inexpensive and can be afforded by anyone.

This discussion will be helpful for those aspiring to remove the factory car stereo easily without spending too much money and time. For this purpose some tools like screwdriver, quarter inch sockets, and quarter inch socket driver are required. Some steps to remove the factory car stereo are discussed below. They are a set of generalised directions which may be applicable to the car in picture since all cars are different but this definitely gives the reader an idea of how to get the car stereo removed.

The screws that hold the dash plate in place are to be located. Then, the screwdriver

After the molding is removed, the next step is to remove the panel to reveal under the panel. To do this, the screws around the speedometer are removed. This goes along the bottom of upper part of dash cover. The panel on the side of the driver is removed.

Using a common screw driver remove the cover out. To keep the dash covers on there are snaps that snap into a hole. But if the fuses are on the drivers side then look for the screw which may be inside the cover. The dash cover will be held by these screws. the dash covers are held just by the snaps and screws.

The screws which hold the radio and which is around the face plate is pulled in. and the radio is pulled out so as to remove the electric connector and antenna. The face plate is opened and the right one for your car can be chosen. One should ensure its perfect fitting in the car with the space given.

In order to disconnect the power, the power plug to the stereo has to be located. The plug will generally have two colored wires namely red and yellow wire running to it. Using one hand, grasp one side of the plug while grasping the other side of the plug with your other hand. Once grasping the plug, squeeze them and pull them at the same time.

Hence by following the above directions, removing a factory car stereo becomes easy and can be done by any person with enough knowledge of dash covers and connections of stereos.

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