Though a shining car is what everyone desires, caring for a car is quite tough. If you want your car to look as good as new, increase its longevity, or clinch a really good resale price, you should devote some time and energy to give it a makeover.

As a result of prolonged usage, the car gets scarred by scratches and stains leaving it with a lack-lustre appearance, particularly if its existing paint is slowly fading off. A comprehensive car care routine including car wash, waxing, and car polishing can restore the look of your vehicle.

The first and foremost thing is cleaning your car by thoroughly washing it with a good cleansing liquid, and water, followed by application of either a coat of wax or polish. There exists a great amount of confusion among people over when the car should be polished and when to apply car wax. It is vital that you, as the owner of the car, know clearly what type of maintenance and care your car requires.

The car can get a sparkling and glossy look when you use car wax, which usually contains carnauba. However, car waxes do not have abrasive agents and so they cannot clean the more prominent stains. Moreover, they are not resistant to extreme heat.

However, car polish possesses substances like Teflon, which increase its strength, giving an ever- lasting shiny appearance to your car. Polish is also more successful in hiding stubborn marks and scratches.

When polishing the blend edges, work away from the edge. The most recommended method for a blend edge is to hand glaze instead of machine polish. When you have to hand glaze, always a cloth that is soft and be sure it is clean for both the application and when taking the glaze off.

If your car has to deal with dust and grime on the road everyday, car polishing is usually the best protection. Car wax might give your car an external shine appropriate for special events but not for everyday use. You will need to identify what the requirements of your car are after taking its build and your lifestyle into consideration, and based on these factors you can go for a renovation that brings back the lustrous look of your car.

Clay bars made from plant-based materials are perfect for car polish. For your car polishing needs, contact us today. Free reprint avaialable from: How To Put On Car Wax Or Car Polish Properly.

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