It has been found that the incidence of accidents involving motorcycles is more with motorcycles than other vehicles. The major causes of these accidents involve other vehicles when they come in the way, obstacles in the path and driver error. Violent head injury could cause concussions and brain damage. This is the major risk involved in motorcycle accidents. Chin injuries too are common. These injuries can be prevented or minimized with the rider and the pillion rider wearing head protection gear which is to the approved standards. The other common injuries are breakage of joints in shoulders, knees, elbows, spine, wrists and hips, fingers and neck. It is common to find pelvis and shoulder injuries. However, it is possible to minimize these injuries and even prevent them. This can be done with extra padding of vulnerable joint regions in the jackets as well as pants. Dual density foam or foam padding can be used for this extra padding.

Most common and inevitable are the soft tissue damage on the skin and muscle when the body slides on the surface. This can be largely prevented if one were to wear protective apparel such as jackets made of leather, cordura, ballistic nylon, Kevlar and other synthetics, and reinforced pants. Motorcycle accidents can be minimized in many ways. The use of motorcycle head lamps and retro-reflective strips can warn other vehicles of the oncoming motorcycle. The motorcycle rider could wear highly visible jackets such as bright red, orange or yellow which could help other vehicles to easily spot the motorcycle. These protective measures are primarily to enhance visibility of the motorcycle. However, riders need to be aware of the causes of accidents and take adequate precautions while riding the motorcycles.

Scooters are also categorized under motorcycles. There are varieties of scooters including motorized scooters, kick scooters, gas scooters, electric scooters and mobility scooters. Kick scooters or Push scooters are designed for kids and are very popular amongst them. They do not have engines and so are free from pollution. Its movement is by the push and glide motion where the pushing is done by the leg of the rider. Electric kick scooters are also introduced in the market. The kick scooters can be conveniently transported and cheap, and come in a variety of attractive designs. These are increasingly popular amongst kids. Razor, for example, markets kick scooters such as Razor A & AW kick Scooter and Razor Scooters, miniature electric motorcycle as Razor Pocket Rocket, electric scooters such as Razor E100 Series Scooters and Razor E200S/E225S Scooter, electric wagons and miniature electric scooters.

Highways and motorways are dominated by heavy vehicles and cars. The two wheeled vehicles are not given due consideration in the transportation system. Motor vehicle drivers often consider the two wheelers as inferior and show intolerance that they tend to dominate and push out two wheelers.

Safe driving is essential whether you’re driving a motorcycle or any other vehicle. Life is a treasrue and so due consideration should be given to life.

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