There are few tools required for accomplishment of a car stereo handling task. The usage of such tools will reduce the man power required and makes it easy. One such tool is the crimping tool. Tools have always been one of the major contribution to new kind of car stereo handling process. This will definitely help in the easy handling and usage of wires. The traditional crimping tool is the mechanical type of tool which requires human manipulations and proper handling as it quiet difficult to use without proper knowledge. There is one more crimping tool which is the electric crimping tool. But How to Install a Sub woofer in a Factory Stereo ?

Before we look at the steps for doing the job we should understand why speakers would not be sufficient to power the music. It is because speakers can improve the effect of sound of having only higher tones. The intricacies of lower notes , tones and bass can be taken care only with sub woofer.

This installation can be completed in five steps after which we shall discuss some useful tips. We should be ready with the following things for installation of sub woofers. They are amplifier, wire strippers , electrical tape. Amplifier kit , line out converter , sub woofers and box.

The stereo is then removed out of the dash. This is different for each vehicle and can be done using a manual of the car. After the stereo is removed, the wiring of the stereo is disconnected. The wiring can be either single or many attached together. The stereo is then connected to the harness adapter from the vehicle. The harness has markings that show how the connections have to be made.

Then, the cable for the signal and the lead for turn-on are connected to the harness adapter. The lead for turn-on is present in any wiring kit. These two cables are then touted to the vehicle’s floor through the rear part of the stereo. The carpets can be lifted using some tools for removing it. The cables can then be passed through the floor carpeting to the battery. It is advisable to do in opposite directions in order to minimise the interference.

The subwoofer is then placed in the vehicle’s trunk. The sub is then grounded by connecting the corresponding wire to some bolt of the car. This can be done by lifting a part of the carpet for a bolt. The cable for signal, power supply and the lead for turn-on are connected.

The stereo is then replaced back in the dashboard of the car. Then the battery is reconnected by placing back the negative terminal cable on the negative terminal. The clamp can be tightened with the help of a screwdriver or a wrench.

We have learnt How to Install a Sub woofer in a Factory Stereo and now its time to try installing on our own

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