In most of the stereo systems there is one only place to insert a CD so at any point of time only one CD can be kept inside. But if there is a disc changer installed in the system then it is possible to have a collection of CD inside the tape itself and switching from one to another CD can be done easily. The CD changer comes in a variety of design and based on or car and the size of the stereo one can buy the required CD changer. But how to install a six disc CD changer?

The process will require a screwdriver, a drill, a cd changer, a mounting hardware and a compatible receiver. The steps to be followed during the installation process are described in the following paragraphs.

The first thing to do before connecting a CD changer is to select a perfect spot for it. The spot must give easy access for inserting and ejecting the CD easily. The changer is connected to the stereo of the car through a inner cable. This cable should be long enough so that the CD changer can be mounted in any location in the car.

The mounting hardware that comes with the changer is then installed. The changer is generally available with a bracket set that helps in mounting the changer. It can be mounted in a flat way, vertical position or also hung in trunk. The necessary holes are drilled for these brackets. They are then screwed to its position.

Now the stereo should be connected to the changer. This is done by connecting the control for the CD changer from the stereo to the changer itself. There is a port for plugging this cable in the rear side of the car’s stereo. So for doing this first we have to remove the stereo from the dash board and then plug the cable in the port.

The cable is plugged in the changer’s port which is generally present in the changer’s side. Angle adjustment is then set on changer. The switch on CD changer must also be set according to the mounting angle of the changer in such a way that they both match.

Then, the changer is placed in the brackets. The screws are then screwed back to keep the changer in position. By doing this the installation is completed.

There are a lot of chances for the driver to get distracted when he is listening to music, especially when he wants to change the cd. The cd changer will eliminate this risk. This will enable you to drive safe as well as enjoy the music. This article would have given you an idea of how to install a 6-disc cd changer.

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