Fire trucks extinguish fire. On receiving information of the break out of fire, fire fighters rush to the location in fire trucks. These fire fighters are trained and are professionals. The fire trucks take them to the site carrying with them the equipments in the fire trucks. The equipments include fire extinguishers, axes, pike poles, ladders, cutting equipments, floodlights, breathing apparatus, hose ramps and ventilating equipments besides general tools. Fire trucks may have onboard water reservoirs which they can use immediately to douse out the fire. Some fire trucks use draft water suction to extract water from water sources such as the river, reservoir, water tenders or fire hydrants. Fire trucks often come with hydraulic systems that can extend ladders which are mounted onto the fire truck to reach tall buildings which are otherwise not easily accessible. Impulse fire-extinguishing system is a modern method where water is converted into water vapor by producing water mist by pressurizing water to a high degree. The water mist is more effective than water in extinguishing fire.

Fire trucks are made by converting standard trucks. Fire trucks are considered as emergency trucks. They have been provided with two way radio for effective communication. The fire trucks are made highly visible with designs that the public easily associate with fire trucks. Horns, sirens and flashing warning lights are used to announce the movement of the fire trucks. On seeing or hearing the fire trucks, traffic gives way to them so that they can move fast to reach the spot they want to reach.

Major disasters are prevented by the fire trucks which provide this essential service. Specialized vehicle manufactures do the job of converting trucks into fire trucks. The fire department owns and operates a fleet of fire trucks. These are stationed in fire stations which are handed the responsibility of taking care of any emergency calls from a specific area that is allotted to them. There are a number of websites that announce used fire trucks for sale. These are purchased by those who seek to provide protection from fire.

Fire trucks and fire fighters have an important place in any community. Their services in emergencies are immensely valued.

Fire is risky and it is difficult to get rid off. That is why, our vicinity should be cleared off with anything that can cause fire.

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