by Allison R Thompson

When looking to buy either a used motorcycle a person needs to understand just how these vehicles are valued. Several factors will need to be taken into consideration in order to come up with used motorcycles values and the main ones include, the condition of the motorcycle, how old it is and where it is.

The easiest way for you to be able to value the price of a used motorcycle and compare this to what the seller is asking is by getting hold of a copy of the NADA Price Guide or the Kelley Blue Book. In this article we explain a little bit more about these two books along with details of some other ways you can check out the value of a used motorcycle you may wish to buy.

The National Automobile Dealer’s Association (NADA) Guide is as well known as the Kelley Blue Book. However, a large number of dealers and private buyers prefer this one over the Kelley Blue Book simply because they feel it offers a large amount of information relating to how the valuation of each vehicle is arrived at. The Guide has been published since 1933 and is one of the largest publications offering valuation prices for all types of vehicles including motorcycles.

Although the NADA Guide is good most people will often refer to the Kelley Blue Book simply because it is the one that they are more likely to be told about. This particular price guide has now been published for more than 80 years and over this time the publisher has made several changes including the introduction of different types of pricing guides. Also as you will soon discover when you are looking to part exchange your used motorcycle for a new one at a dealership the book that most dealers will refer to for a fair valuation is the “Kelley Blue Book Auto Market Report – Official Guide”.

Rather than actually providing a true value of the motorcycle this one provides the person using it with a suggest retail value. The value that is shown in these books is often considerably more than what the dealer would offer the motorcycle to you. If you can, get hold of a copy of this guide prior to you starting to search for a used motorcycle to buy.

By actually finding out what a motorcycles true value is will help you when it comes to actually purchasing the one that you want. Simply because it provides you with more bargaining power. But if you are finding it difficult to obtain copies of these books then why not go online instead. There are a number of sites now available which have been set up and where you can find out very quickly if the used motorcycle you are considering buying is being sold at a fair price or not.

One site that you may be interested in using for looking at motorcycle values is “”. At this site they have price details for every single type of motorcycle that has ever been produced. The search program on this site is user friendly and in order to get a valuation from them you just need to enter the make, model and year of the motorcycle. After entering this information all you need to do is wait for the email they provide which provides not just details of how much the bike is worth but at what price it is likely to be sold at.

Along with the “” another really good website for getting used motorcycles values form is called “”. This site as with the one previously mentioned provides you with a valuation of what they think the motorcycle is worth, but also provide you with a figure of what they think the motorcycle is likely to be selling for. However if you want to ensure that you get the best deal possible when buying a used motorcycle then don’t be afraid spending some time comparing all the information that these websites and guide books offer before you buy. Doing this is likely to end up saving you a lot of time and money.

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