Audio amplifier is an integrated part of a car stereo. For a better sound quality one must use a amplifier for that purpose. The purpose of usage of such amplifier is to project the music in a very better and expected way. The music lovers would prefer using this kind of amplifiers just to make sure they have good music to their ears. JL audio is a very well established and respected company which marks its name in the field of all cars stereo and other integrated parts manufacture. It includes speakers, amplifiers, car audio and sub woofers. They are known very well for their best quality and performance individually. But how to adjust a JL audio amplifier?

For getting high performance of amplifiers it is not enough to stop with hookups. In fact they are just the preliminary step. Proper adjustment of the amplifier is very much essential if we want to listen to quality music. In just few steps this article guides you in becoming an expert to do this amplifier adjustment.

The procedure involves fixing the cross over, adjusting the frequency, then setting of GCL and finally fixing the bass boost for the amplifier. Let us look at them in detail.

High frequencies are called treble and the low frequencies are called bass. The high frequency treble is eliminated using low pass crossover filter. Similarly the low frequency bass is eliminated using high pass crossover filter.

The frequency in both cases is kept around hundred hertz. Few amplifiers like that of JL work over a wide range and variable settings for fixing cross over. So we have the advantage of filtering the sound and making only those sounds matching our taste to enter as frequency can be tuned higher or lower according to taste.

After setting the frequency we should fix the GCL or gain control level. This is very simple and similar to tuning. After the car receiver is switched on we should set it at a volume which we normally hear. Now when the music is being played adjust the GCL clockwise so that at that position signal is not received and gets distorted. At this position when it is tuned back to the original position the signal is received properly. Thus GCL of amplifier is now set.

If any kind of large speakers or woofers are to be powered then the bass boost is to be adjusted in a way so as to enhance the quality and match the taste of the music lover. This will be helpful in providing an extra bass to the type of music of your own choice.

To have a perfect car audio and music of his choice, one must always know how to adjust a JL audio amplifier.

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