One of the popular questions asked related to tax is “Can I deduct rental car costs on my income tax?”. Many countries impose massive taxes on rental cars. Rental car companies are becoming more infuriated with the increasing taxes imposed on their clients.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to avoid these taxes, according to the Coalition Against Discriminatory Car Rental Excise Taxes. In 43 of the United States of America, there are a total of 114 different local and state excise taxes for leasing and or renting cars. In the 1990s, there were only fourteen such taxes. The CADCRET was formed in order to track and fight the proliferation of taxes.

Residents of Maine blocked a new state tax-reform law that proposed a 10-12,5% increase in car rentals. The petition managed to put the increase on hold for a while at least. This is a great relief for business travelers in particular as well as rental car companies and corporate travel departments.

Some cities charge as much as 20% in car rental taxes and cost Fortune 100 companies upwards of $5 million per year.

Taxes are imposed in order for cities to close gaps within their budgets. This has not made the car hire companies excited at all. They do not want to be associated with tax collection and they have to charge higher prices to accommodate the taxes. Subconsciously clients blame the care and truck rental companies for this. 36 months ago 8 rental brands and the National Business Travel Association formed a group to lobby against the taxes. They also took it upon themselves to provide education for consumers.

In New Jersey there is tax reform passed that permits municipalities to impose 5 % excise tax when people rent cars. As it is car renters already pay a whopping $5 daily in the form of sales tax and state tax.

Don’t rent a car in Wisconsin as you will be expected to pay $18 every time you rent a vehicle. The money from this tax is supposedly used to assist in the funding of a mass- transit project. This would translate to a tax increase of in excess of seventy percent in Milwaukee, Kenosha and Racine.

The lobbyist group also reports that in Michigan there is pending legislation that will, if passed increase taxes by a further $2.50 per transaction.

In order to find funding for rail projects in Florida. The people responsible for the law are fighting to increase the taxes by a further $2.00. This would mean the tax increases by 50!

The general consensus of these people who make the laws is that this tax is necessary and understandable. These sentiments receive fierce opposition for the coalition.

The recession has hit the states in America in a big way and the deficits in state coffers is horrendous to say the least.

It appears there is misappropriation of funds as when a project is complete then the money is used elsewhere. This explains some of the reasons that car renters are asking, “can I deduct car rental costs on my income tax?

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