A horsebox comes in a variety of sizes. They can be purchased in single, double, or triple models. Whichever one you want to purchase will vary by how big and heavy your horse is.

If you want to go the cheap route, single horse boxes will be the least expensive. However, single horse boxes might be annoying after a while. Horses usually like having a lot of space when they’re on the road, so generally you should get a double or a triple if you think your horse will be uncomfortable. Also, if you think you will be participating in several horse related activities, you will probably meet many people who will ask you to help them transport their horse. If you have a double or a triple, you can definitely transport two to three horses.

If you can, try not to purchase new horseboxes. The reason for this is that new horse boxes are a lot more expensive than used horse boxes. The prices of new horse boxes also scale up very quickly with quality. If you do decide to buy new, however, you should absolutely make sure that you get a good warranty, or else you might not be able to replace your horsebox in the case of it breaking down

You should think about the following things while buying a used horse box:

The first thing you should look at is the ramp. The ramp needs to be easy to lift. The springs and the fixings need to be in a solid condition. Make sure that the battens are solidly fixed and not rotting. If possible, check around the subfloor for rot. If there is a lot of rot, it’ll probably damage your horse box. If you can, jump all over the horsebox to locate any rattles or deteriorating parts on the floorboard. If you’re worried about the floor breaking, don’t be. It should support your weight. If it can’t, you probably don’t want to buy it anyway.

Most importantly, check that the floor is in solid condition. Not only does the floor need to support your weight, it needs to support the weight of your horse. When looking at horseboxes, know that there is nothing as dangerous as a floor that is decomposing and in unfit condition. If your floor does not entirely support your body weight along with the weight of the horse, your horse’s leg might break right through. If that’s the case, chances are it will probably die.

Also, make sure you check the brakes’ functionality. Horseboxes must have reliable braking in order to be safe. Make sure the brake cables and the brake rods aren’t fraying or corroding.

Check that the boxy work of your horse box is in solid condition. If you notice anything rattling around or shaking, it is probably not fixed securely. The horse will probably notice any rattles inside the horse box. If it does, it’ll be more difficult to load into the horsebox. You should also check for any leaks or holes, making sure that the points of ventilation are clear and working. Check that the internal padding is not torn up and the breast bar is secured and able to be adjusted to the size and shape of the horse.

Make sure the horsebox you purchase is sturdy and ready for the road, or else you will have future complications.

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