by Sarah Gaines

If you have horses and frequently travel with them around the country then you will be aware of how your horse reacts to being put into a horsebox. When it comes to horseboxes bigger is always better for both you and your horse. A larger horsebox can accommodate more horses.

For years now people have been using horseboxes as a way to transfer their horses around, traditional horseboxes are very basic and can’t accommodate any more that four horses at one time.

However now there is a new toy on the scene. The horse wagon; haorse wagons are massive to say the least. Imagine a bus that has been converted to take up to eight horses plus living quarters for up to four adults including beds, skins and cookers.

So just why are people starting to buy these super horse wagons? Think of it this way, if you were going to be competing and had to sleep in the back of a transit van would you feel rested and ready for the next day’s events? No I didn’t think so and the same goes for your horses, by forcing them to spend the night in a cramped horsebox you aren’t properly resting them for the event. A horse wagon acts as a home away from home for your horses.

I recently had the pleasure of spending a weekend in one of these huge horse wagons and I must say it was rather splendid. The beds were as you would expect to find in a hotel and the kitchen was of a better standard than I have in my home. It had a fullsized shower and when it was my turn to compete I was perfectly rested as were my horses.

As you might expect such luxuries come at a price; the typical wagons start at around 60,000 and the prices keep on climbing the higher the specification. You have to see a horse wagon as an investment but I wouldn’t rush out to buy one if I was just starting in the wonderful world of equestrian.

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