Honda prepared a project for the upcoming trade fair in Frankfurt with name „Project 2 & 4“, and will be powered by motorcycle engine RC213V from MotoGP series.

This project was developed thank to Honda motorcycle design center in Asaki and Honda’s automobile design center in Wako, Japan.

Honda has announced that Project 2 & 4 combines “the freedom of motorcycle and car handling”, also that the design is inspired by Honda’s F1 car in 1965 (codenamed RA271).

However, it is known that Project 2 & 4 powered V4 engine of 999 cubic meters, with more than 215hp and more than 118 Nm (paired with a six-speed DCT).

Also, it was reported that length is 3040 mm, width 1820 mm, height 995 mm, while the weight of the single-seater only 405 kg.

Honda Project 2&4 01

Honda Project 2&4 02

Honda Project 2&4 03