by Michael Newton

There is some stage in every boys life where they become interested in engines, racing cars, and all things that go vroom. If your boy has reached this stage in your life, you may be in the awkward position of wanting to encourage this exploration, but having concerns about their safety. In this article we will look at the pocket bike as a viable alternative, and exploring some ways that you can save money on the purchase of one.

I feel that a brief history of this bike is in order, before we look at the intricacies of buying one. The pocket bike first became popular in Japan. The Japanese have an uncanny love for tiny things, and this is especially true for mechanical items, so it was only natural that they would invent a shrunk down version of the motorbike at some stage. The initial excitement was carried across the world, and soon became a global phenomenon.

Initially, the pocket bike was a huge expense, and affordable only by the extremely rich. After time, however, the bike makers realised that there was a large potential to make some decent money of these bikes, and they did everything in their power to bring down both shipping and manufacturing costs so that they would be more affordable to the average joe.

As we can see in present days, this has been very effective in reducing the costs of the pocket bike, to the point where it is an affordable option for most households, and a viable gift for a child who is curious about motorbike bike riding, but not quite ready for a larger dirt bike. You can save even more money by purchasing your bike second hand, either online or through your local newspaper.

You do, however, need to be a little wary when purchasing a second hand bike. I’m not saying that you should avoid it, but you need to make sure that the bike is mechanically sound before paying for it. In most cases, they will be as good as new. The reason fro this is that children tend to outgrow these bikes within a year or two, and want to move onto something a little more powerful.

A great way of saving money on the purchase of a new pocket bike is to keep an eye on manufacturers and the release of new models. When a manufacturer brings out a new model of a bike, retailer scramble to get rid of the older models so that they can make room in their showrooms for the new ones. This means that they will drop their prices, and in some cases you can get a real bargain on a new bike.

It’s an unfortunate truth that the cheapest models that are usually manufactured in China are also considered to be very unreliable. They have a reputation for regularly breaking down, and their parts are considered to be substandard. When one of these parts does break down, you will find it a lot harder to get a replacement than if it were a locally made American model. If you are really wanting to have something that is a little more reliable, then you should spend a little more money on a locally made product.

Along with the purchase of your pocket bike, you will need to keep in mind some other expenses that you may not have thought of. In many states it is against the law to ride these bikes on the open road. However with some modifications it is possible to make them roadworthy. If you are planning to do this, you will also need all the right safety gear such as helmet and gloves, indicators and side mirrors, in order to ensure your safety and the legality of your bike.

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