You may already have HID Headlights added to your vehicle, or you may be doing research on improving the look of your vehicle and to help you see better at night. You might already know what kinds of HID Bulbs you want to install to your vehicle, or you might be shopping around to see which ones you want. One thing you must be aware of is HID Headlights can be illegal to have installed to your ride. You might have heard rumors about people getting ticketed for having HID Lights installed, but how do you really know if you’re going to be safe from being ticketed?

If you look on the box of HID Headlights, usually they say things such as: “DOT Approved.” Just to let you know, the DOT has never approved HID Headlights and has no plans of giving them the OK anytime in the future. Do if you get pulled over by the Police and you tell them that your bulbs are DOT approved, there’s a good chance that it won’t matter.

But how is it that HID Headlights are illegal when everybody has them on their vehicles? Car manufacturers have taken notice on HID Lights and began installing them to their newer vehicles. These bulbs are OK by the Police and there’s no need to worry about them. The problem is if you installed the HID Headlights yourselves, then you may have a problem.

How do I avoid getting into trouble with the law? For starters, stay away from cheap knock off versions of the HID Headlights. When you get pulled over with these types of headlights, you could get into deeper trouble for what they call “impersonating an officer.” The reason is because the cheaper versions are actually Halogen bulbs that have a blue lens installed. What the Officer will do is pull out a white sheet of paper and hold it up to the bulb. If the light shines blue, you have a fake. If it shines white, you should be OK.

Other reasons why vehicles are pulled over for HID Headlights is because the bulbs have been improperly installed and blinds other drivers. Be sure that your bulbs are properly placed and not blinding other people.

If your bulbs are glaring and bouncing off of objects when driving, you will get pulled over. It’s safe to stick with HID Headlights at around 6000k-8000k. Anything brighter than this will bring attention to you.

Learn more about HID Headlights. Stop by and watch our videos on illegal HID Head Lights.