Alternating current or AC current needs to be converted to DC power for running few components. In this article we shall see how to wire an AC to DC converter. The power that is available in our house is standard DC power. By following few steps for wiring ,we can convert them to DC which may be needed to run equipments which needs only DC . Audio components of vehicles like cars needs only such DC power.

Since it involves with the handling of current some preliminary precautions must be kept in mind. Few things that will be required to carry out this are wire stripper, tools for crimping and ring terminals. The following instructions are carefully carried out for safety. This involves only a few connections and some initial steps.

A few required tools for performing this operation includes crimping tool, wire strippers to remove excess wire and ring terminal. With the help of these tools the required man power can be reduced to a greater extent. By turning the thumb screws and wing nuts of the power terminals of the DC converter to left, they can be loosened and thus removed.

The insulation is stripped for about half an inch from both the positive negative wires from the device that has to be converted to AC supply. This DC device can then be converted to the converter. The standardized colours of these wires are red for positive and black for negative wires. It is always safe to check the manual of the device to make sure of the colour of the two wires.

The next step involves the usage of ring terminals. A ring terminal is slid off onto each wire’s bare ends.

Next we can make use of the crimping tool. It is used for crimping the wire to the terminal. Improper crimping may lead to many defects so ensure the connection before switching on the AC power supply.

There are two separate portals for the connection of positive and negative wires from the ends of the DC device. The positive end of the wire is fastened to the positive terminal of the AC to DC converter where as the negative end of the wire is connected to the negative terminal of the AC to DC converter. Using thumb screws and the wing nuts the terminals are connected to the wires in a proper way.

The last step is very simple it is just connection of the converter into the wall outlet. Switch on the converter and you can get the required power for your system. The question how to wire an AC to DC convertor in a very simple way by performing the above steps.

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