It can be easy to cover long distances travelling between the various popular tourist spots in Australia. If you are planning on seeing as much of Australia as possible then you need to consider your transport options. For many they shall pick hiring a car as it gives you a greater deal of flexibility. You should then start by looking online and search for car rentals in Australia.

This shall then give you some websites to look of car rental companies in various cities such as Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Most of the popular links shall be for the companies that are the most well known in the world. However you really should also look past them at the smaller companies that perhaps just deal with individual cities.

It is important to think about a few things that can influence the vehicle that you need before you go ahead to book it. You must consider the plans you have for your stay such as are you going to stay in the one place or do you want to travel to see Melbourne or Sydney?

Visiting the outback is something which a lot of people want to do if they are visiting Australia so if you do want to do this then you need to tell the rental company. Going here can really determine the type of car you shall get as you will need an off road as opposed to a city car.

So if the road trip mentioned earlier does appeal to you then it could be best to use one of the big companies as they are across the country. It has to be possible for you to collect your car in Sydney yet hand it over at the end of the trip in Perth the other side of Australia. This is clearly very difficult to be arranged with a much smaller company.

It is important to consider the people who are going to be travelling and also the space that you require. If you are travelling over long distances with your luggage then you can understand how you shall need more space than just driving around a city returning the same day.

What is important is checking over the car when you go to collect it. You need to be sure there are no marks before you accept and if there are that they are mentioned on the paperwork. If you do not notice the marks then you can be held accountable for them even if it was not you. You shall have no proof of your innocence and could be made to pay the bill. Paying close attention for a few minutes can solve this potential problem.

So in conclusion it can be said that you must think about the car and where you are going. Think of the number of people and the space you need. Check it over before you accept and make sure they are aware of any problems before you accept the hire.

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