What is the first word you think and associate with people who drive motorcycles? How about irresponsible, reckless, crazy, dumb, adrenaline junkies? All of those words are common perceptions of bike riders. Unfortunately, not all motorcycle riders fit into that category but it’s the few irresponsible riders that give the transportation a bad rep.

Motorcycling is incredibly dangerous. You are traveling sometimes at a speed over 80 mph on two wheels, and nothing but a few pieces of metal to support you. There is no seat belt and some riders even neglect to use a helmet. No wonder why when a motorist gets into an accident, it is often fatal.

But for every irresponsible accident there are ten outstanding and safe motorcycle drivers. So no matter what you use a motorcycle for, there are ways to help keep your insurance premium down and still have a great time on that passion of yours.

Insurance companies understand that and are willing to adjust premiums individually based on several factors. It will not change the perception that motor bikes are “high risk,” but the agencies will change their opinion somewhat based on the driver.

Some riders look to pass the test and receive their licenses and consequently are on the road wrecking havoc. But this is a guaranteed way to have a high premium. Touting experience when it comes to motorcycle riding is extremely important in the eyes of the insurance industry.

Insurance companies love to reward drivers who take the extra time to learn the safety and handle of a motorcycle. Motorists can prove their knowledge and safety by enrolling and successfully completing motorcycle training and safety courses.

Insurance providers heavily analyze your past driving history before they even begin to issue a quote. Believe it or not, brokers will decline to even offer a quote if they do not agree with your reckless driving past. So make sure you have a solid driving history unless you feel like paying through the roof.

Premiums will also raise no matter how clean the driving record is or how much experience the driver features, due to the fact that bikes are easy to steal. They are out in the open and many thieves view them as cheap and easy snags. So unless you have a tracking device or other security features, an insurance provider is going to stay hesitant on your investment.

Take the necessary steps if you really want to own a motor bike. Gain the experience; work on your driving record and plant tracking devices on the bike in case of theft. Do all these important steps and you will see a much cheaper premium.

Graham McKenzie is the content Syndication Manager at insurance123.co.zaSouth Africa’s leading Motorcycle Insurance information portal