When I received the Novel “Iron Horse Rider” from the Author Adelle “Legs” Laudan I have to admit I was expecting a book about a Biker fighting and causing trouble. You know your Typical Biker Bad Boy Story. What I received was something I was not expecting at all.

The Novel Tells the story of a hardcore biker named Shane, Shane had always kept women at arms length and showed them no emotion, That was until he met Kelly. Try as he might this biker who had always kept to himself could not fight off his feelings for her and soon found himself Married to the Women of his dreams.

After 10 years of Marriage Kelly is taken from Shane in a Tragic accident while they are Ridding. Shane finds everything around him reminds him of Kelly, His home, his shop, even his Clubhouse. His Brother’s try to Support and comfort him, but the looks of sorrow in their eyes for him is more then Shane can bare. He soon realizes staying in the world He has Known and loved is not an option. Soon Shane is on his Iron Horse with the wind in his face and no destination! As Shane rides He finds the pain he feels for his loss begin to lessen!

With advice from a Mysterious Biker he keeps running into, Shane finds himself at a Micmac Indian Camp. Shane is welcomed into the Camp by the Tribes Chief and soon finds himself becoming Friends with the Chief’s Daughter Tia who has recently lost her Husband! While the two Share their pain they soon begin to feel something for each other. Is it possible for either of them to feel love again while still suffering from such a great loss? A member of Tia’s Tribe is taking no chances and tells Shane to stay away from Tia. He soon finds out you never tell a Biker like Shane what to do!

I found the writing in this novel while in no way simplistic was easy to read. I also found the story easy to follow ! Adelle “Legs” Laudan describes and expresses the feelings of Biker Brotherhood perfectly. When She explains Shane’s feelings while Riding you can see in your mind where he is and you can almost feel the wind in your Face!

In life we all have our worlds we live in, When something Terrible happens sometimes We cling to what We know. Shane does what He as a true Biker must after such a terrible loss, He goes out and finds not only a new life but a new World to live in for a while.

I have to say I enjoyed the story. It was not what I was expecting or would usually read but I found I could not put the book down. I think some Men who Ride will enjoy this book, While many I feel will find it a little too much of a Romance novel! I do believe almost all Women who has ever ridden a Motorcycle or dated a Man who rode one will love this Novel.

As I know now Adelle “Legs” Laudan is a writer of Motorcycle Romance Novels, She works to promote the image of Motorcycling one book at a time! To order Iron Horse Rider or other Novels by Adelle “Legs” Laudan including the upcoming Iron Horse Rider 2 go to http://adellelaudan.com/IronHorseRider.html

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