This handmade wooden car scale models is made by self-taught artist in the way they used to be done, with numerous stencils, hand tools and a lot of effort.

Scale models of cars today are offered in a variety of versions and sizes, from those of Lego manufacturers, to perfect miniatures elaborated to the last detail made by specialized companies.

However, this is something completely different.

The self-taught artist makes car models from wood without using the help of computers, 3D scanning and 3D printing.

So far, YouTuber Woodworking Art has published 13 videos showing the process of creating these handmade wooden car scale models.

His recordings attract a large number of visitors, and among the most watched are those about the Ford F150 Raptor and Toyota Land Cruiser models, which have over 50 million views.

As it is stated, this artist lives and works in Vietnam, and with each new model he introduces something new.

For example, after one model with a functional door, on the next – on a Bugatti Chiron, he made an adjustable rear spoiler.

On the other hand, the Ford Everest model has a real chassis, but also an electric drive.