Able to carry up to 1320lbs. and go up to 12mph on its 26? wheels, Clearpath Robotics’ Grizzly is an all-terrain tractor robot that can haul or pull anywhere. Looks like the BigDog has got some competition.

– 4 wheel drive with individual closed loop control and odometry at each wheel.
– Internal sensors to provide feedback on the robot’s state.
– 16-degree front axle articulation allows Grizzly to roll over large obstacles without lifting its wheels off the ground.
– Replaceable flat top-plates, which allow users to mount any sensor they want. Surface area is 1.07 square meters.
– Onboard 5/12/24/48 V user power, plus vehicle wide Ethernet and USB connectivity

Grizzly Robot Utility Vehicle - 01

Grizzly Robot Utility Vehicle - 02