Instead of in May as previously announced, Gordon Murray will unveil his new supersport model T.50 in August.

The T.50 is announced as the spiritual successor to the legendary McLaren F1, and thanks to its lightweight carbon fiber construction the T.50 will weigh just 980kg.

Gordon Murray T.50

Gordon Murray T.50 will be powered by a centrally located 3.9-liter V12 atmospheric engine provided by Cosworth. The news states that the mentioned engine will be able to rotate up to 12,100 rpm, as well as that it will develop 650 hp as standard (with a 48V integrated starter generator and 700 hp).

Gordon Murray T.50

The transmission will be an Xtrac six-speed manual, while rear-wheel drive.

The T.50 is 4380 mm long and 1850 mm wide, and has room for three passengers.

Gordon Murray plan is to produce a limited series of only 100 copies, at a price of 2 million pounds per copy (excluding taxes).   advanced aerodynamics on road car