An automobile accident can be one terrible nightmare for its victims. Once in this situation, the result can be really tragic, such as suffering from serious injury, the affect on one’s life which can be permanent, and devastation to the family due to loss of work, whether short or long term. People worry of what they would do and if there is to be a settlement after the accident, as well as for those receiving settlement, the amount of time it would take to get the cash fast enough to cover their losses.

Car accident lawyers Goldstein and Handwerker have, through precise tactics, achieved fast cash settlements for their clients in need, and for those clients unable to resume work after the accident, this is a blessing. For decades The Law Offices of Goldstein and Handwerker, LLP have amazed clients and attorneys alike in their quick process for compensation to auto accident victims, instead of a drawn out, seemingly forever time-frame the accident victims unnecessarily endure.

The boroughs of New York City are well served by Goldstein and Handwerker, and their clients in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island and Brooklyn will find they will get the verdicts wanted and the compensation needed. Unemployed for a while, especially if for a long time-span, would make car accident victims worry about paying bills as a result of being unable to work, and they need to count on a fast cash settlement.

Choosing your automobile accident lawyer with heavy experience in personal injury cases is a must. Present the facts of your accident case to Goldstein and Handwerker, who will work aggressively for you. Steven Goldstein states, “The verdicts deserved will be realized, in a fast manner, and with our client’s consideration up front along the way”.

If you are looking for a fast cash settlement attorney for your automobile accident, The Law Offices of Goldstein and Handwerker, LLP are the people for you. You can contact their office at or reach them by phone at 212-679-1330. Choose the right attorney to get you a fast cash settlement today!

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