by Andy Zain

The Jeep Liberty is the newest compact crossover that is getting to attention of many SUV lovers- especially buyers that are looking for an off road vehicle. This model surpasses all others in its class with its great gas mileage and crash worthiness. Inspired by many European car models, the interior is breath taking and user friendly. Everything is just where it should be and where you’d expect it to be. The controls really make this car stand out.

o With many trims available this vehicle is beautiful. Other options also includes 18 inch wheels, sunroof and more. You can pick the options that you want.

* Most models are 4 wheeled drive. This is the model that is most popular. It is maneuverable. It is also great with traction, good articulation, has good clearance because it was really built for off road.

* The Jeep Liberty has different transmissions to choose from. There is the 4 speed automatic, 5 speed automatic and 6 speed manual transmissions. The 6 speed manual transmission model is not available in the 2009 or newer models.

* Every model comes with an am fm stereo. They include Sirius satellite digital radio. For additional money you can get a CD player, CD changer and GPS navigation system. The GPS can come in handy when you are off road.

o There are many other options that you can choose from, including fog lamps, speed control, power sunroof, engine block heater, and rear cargo organizer, among many others.

* The Jeep Liberty’s engine comes with a V6 block. You can also tow up to 2 tons.

* The Jeep Liberty is available in two models- the Sport and the Limited. Tires come in sixteen, seventeen and eighteen inches.

* This gets great gas mileage which is a huge plus. Around town it gets 16 mpg and on the freeway it gets 22 mpg.

* The Jeep Liberty is very safe with its anti-lock brakes, traction control, side curtain airbags and stability control. These are all standard.

* The Jeep Liberty is gray and comes in many different shades of gray. The leather and extra padding costs more money. The space in the back is 31. 5 CF and if you put the back seats down it is 64. 6 CF. There is also a lot of leg room and the front has a lot of space.

* The head lights that come with the Jeep Liberty are standard.

o There is standard remote keyless entry.

For such a sturdy vehicle, this model is fit for off road travel. It sells for around $23, 000 to start. The anti roll bars, great shocks and better brakes are standard on all of the models. For more options, the Jeep starts in the low 30, 000s. This is a great price for a modern SUV.

This may be a smaller SUV but with soaring gas prices, these compact crossovers are really becoming popular. Many people know now that they can get the entire vehicle they need in a Jeep for a lower price and lower gas mileage. Add the fact that you can take it off road and people are hooked! While this vehicle has issues with handling on pavement, it does better than prior years.

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