Your anniversary is fast approaching once again, and while your love is still as solid as ever, your creativity is declining. Almost all you could think of you have already presented him in the many past Christmases, birthdays, and anniversaries. You don’t have any ideas left, but you still want your anniversary gift to be special. You may not afford purchasing him the ultimate gift (a brand new car!), but you can always give him something just as special.

Since you detest doing chores that much, let’s cut the step of washing your man’s ride by yourself. Have someone else do it for you. And while they’re at it, request more than just wash, polish it.

Set a pre-paid series of car polishing service for a year or, if they have it, a gift certificate that lasts a long period of time. With special packages, you will be saving a lot while giving your man something huge for your anniversary.

Don’t hesitate to ask car maintenance shops for special packages. There’s a great chance that they already have it. Pre-paid packages like car polishing service for a year are cheaper than you imagine. Try taking care of your man’s other baby rather than giving him yet another fancy watch.

And for more result, try adding car polishing items to your already generous present. Generous because car polishing pre-paid packages can last for months (or years), depending on the package. A ready supply of car care products would be useful just in case he doesn’t have the time to take his automobile to the shop for a professional service. And of course, Do-It-Yourself products are always useful. Men feel better if they have them nearby.

Men like realistic gifts. Car polishing is already part of his regular agenda anyhow so do him a favor and pay the expenses for this one significant thing. With this gift, there would be no need for the dapper suits he almost never get to use or the very pricey dinner in fancy restaurants. Your man would value a lot more of this sensible gift. With gifts like this, your man would know that you care a lot about him because you also take care of his needs.

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