You are another year older and another grey hair on the head. It is not all bad news though as some things get better with age. Take for example your car insurance. If you are over 22 and have a full license then you are probably much better off now with AXA insurance. Chances are that you now have a ‘Drivers of Other Cars’ policy extension included.

AXA covers most of our customers (aged over 22 years with a full licence or 25 years old with a full or provisional licence) while driving other people’s cars. This means you can drive someone else’s car and automatically have Third Party cover on it (without being a named driver on the owner’s car insurance), as long as you have been given permission to drive the car.

The ‘Driving of Other Cars’ extension is a valuable thing to have. Just imagine yourself in the following situation: You and 2 friends have decided to drive to the coast this weekend for some surfing. Instead of taking 3 cars your friend offers to drive everyone down. The weekend is might craic but your friend had 1 or 5 drinks too many and is now over the limit and too sick to drive anyway. What do you do now? If you have AXA’s ‘Driving of Other Cars’ extension then you are cobered to jump into the driver’s seat and drive everyone home safe in the knowledge that you are covered by third party insurance.

This cover only applies if you don’t own the car or haven’t hired it under a hire-purchase agreement. The easiest way to check if you have this cover is to have a look at your certificate of insurance – the covers you have are shown in Section 5(b).

Whilst the cover offered to you by the “Driving of Other Cars” policy extension is a coveted thing to possess, it does not cover every vehicle. This extension applies to private passenger vehicles only. This excludes vehicles such as vans, car-vans, jeep type vehicles with no backseats, and vans that are adapted to carrying passengers. So be aware of this in the future.

Did you know that if you are an AXA customer with 3 years fully comprehensive car insurance then you will get your Customers that have been with AXA for 3 or more years with comprehensive insurance will be upgraded. The 3rd party “Driving of Other Cars” extension will now be transformed into comprehensive “Driving of Other Cars” cover for free. So if you are driving your friend’s car home after your holidays you will now be covered if you happen to damage his car.

If you are interested in what you have just read then get a car insurance quote from AXA today. AXA sell low cost motor insurance products.