Many businesses and individuals are using grapple rakes. They can be attached onto the front of many different tractors, loaders or skid steers. Many types of things, such as brush, rocks, logs or concrete are easily picked up and moved. The jaw can close so that it is held until you get to where you want it.

The curved teeth on several of them are a big advantage. This lets them rake the ground when cleaning up brush or other debris without scraping the grass away. This is nice because it can eliminate the expense of having to plant grass. Sometimes this will have to be done regardless of how easy it was picked up though.

Garbage that is in piles or clearing brush are jobs that are easily done with grapple rakes. They are also good for taking care of damage caused by a storm. Depending on what it is attached to, it may be able to be used for demolition purposes also. Raking the roots out is another thing that will be done quite easily. There are many of uses for these attachments.

There are a lot of sizes that are sold. The larger jobs can be done with a large rake. The curved teeth on these will hold onto everything because they close. The stuff will not be dropped half way to where it is going. Picking rocks is done easier with it too.

Excavators are not the only people that can buy this type of tool. They can benefit a homeowner too. Some people need it because it is a great toy for them. Farms can use them for many things too.

A plate that can attach to many different types and styles is available and will come with some of them. This is universal for every type of equipment. This can be a huge benefit for a lot of people when they can put it on another piece of equipment if needed. Grapple rakes can be quite expensive especially if several have to be bought for a business.

A lot of dealers will have these available for purchase. Others can order them quite easily if they are not in stock. The best way to get the best price is to shop around. Check on several at different dealers and see which one is the best for your needs. If you have to have this type of thing, then check with your local dealer.

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