The Rancho RS999705 myRIDE tuning system is the latest and greatest engineering feat in shock control. The remote complements Rancho RS9000XL and quickLIFT shocks. So, why did they call it myRIDE? Because it puts you in control! After all, it is your ride, right?

The RS999705 is a small wireless remote, comparable in size to a modern-day cell phone, and what it does for the ride quality of your vehicle is amazing.

At the push of a button, all four shocks can be adjusted for off-road driving, towing, street driving, or anywhere you desire. That’s all there is to it. No programming necessary. Just push the button and go! The consumer market has never been able to control their shock settings wirelessly. The myRIDE wireless remote control allows you to do just that.

Simply select a factory preset, and if you like that setting, you’re done. Don’t worry about anything else. The RS999705 does everything for you automatically by constantly monitoring the pressure of all four shocks. If it senses a change in the valve pressure, then it will make necessary adjustments as needed.

If the factory presets don’t satisfy you, then there’s a “do it yourself” setting called myRIDE. The myRIDE setting lets you enter in any number you want, lock it in, and that’s now your ride and it will stay that way until you change it again. You can turn your vehicle on or off as often as you wish, and the RS999705 will always remember how your RS9000XL or quickLIFT shocks were set.

The presets are Rancho’s recommendation; myRIDE is how YOU want it!

The RS999705 remote is small. It easily stows in the console or glove box. It can even be clipped to the sun visor. Since it’s wireless, there won’t be any wires running through the cab and it makes installation that much easier. Installation can be done in under two hours with the easy-to-follow, detailed instructions. The system includes all necessary hardware to complete the installation. Installation can be done by anyone that is capable of working with general hand tools – no special tools are required.

The RS999705 myRIDE wireless remote works with any of the myRIDE family of shocks including the ever-popular RS9000XL, as well as quickLIFT and Pro Series.

More information about Rancho’s complete line of myRIDE parts can be found at offroad parts dealers. They have the largest selection of Rancho quicklift shocks.