You are hauling a load from Anchorage to Seattle. Your dispatcher tells you that your destination is a new subdivision in the hills. When you plug the address into your GPS unit, it draws a blank. But it does not have to, not if you have a Garmin nuMaps Lifetime GPS map update.

Now you do not have to be lost in your own back yard. The lifetime GPS Map update card, available from Garmin, allows you to download new updates to maps to your Garmin GPS device for as long as you own it. Good on any one single Garmin GPS unit, you may download up to date maps for a number of regions around the world.

Whether you live in Europe, North America, the Middle East or Australia or New Zealand, you can download any of these maps to your Garmin GPS. This will help you find your way in those new housing developments, or even just in another city that you do not know so well. Never have to use the “My GPS led me the wrong way” excuse again.

Best of all, there are no monthly fees for your service. You might update your maps as often as four times a year to your Garmin GPS unit. That means that you can find your way anytime, simply check the Garmin site to see if there is a new map available yet. When there is an update, you can download directly to your GPS and get going.

Instead of costing you up to fifty dollars for a subscription to do a single map download, this lifetime GPS map update allows you access to four downloads a year for a much lower price. That means a huge cost savings for you while giving you the information you need.

But there is more to the updates than just keeping up with new development and street maps. These updates include information about highways and their changes. They also include points of interest such as diners, hotels and cruising down the highway and you need a bite to eat, you can find the closest place you can stop for food quickly and easily.

You have the power to get where you are going quickly and easily. With Garmin nuMaps Lifetime GPS map updates, you will be able to navigate your way anywhere that you want to go. You will have direction – get going!

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