When it comes to hobbyists, some folks may never be quite as fanatical as automobile enthusiast. Cars are such a deeply valued aspect of modern culture that entire genres of community have grown up around them. One such group is collecting model scale cars.

These cars are exactly what they sound like, scaled won versions of their real world counterparts. The sizes do vary, but the craftsmanship in this little wonders is astounding in many cases. They have doors that open and close, working lights, beeping horns, and even engines that can run! It is no wonder they are so fascinating to some.

If you, or someone you love, are into this hobby, what are some ways to expand it to even higher levels of enjoyment? The fist idea is to share the hobby with others. Perhaps you can take up digital photography as a means to posting your treasures online for all to see. You could stage all kinds of interesting scenes, road races and the like, and post them on you web site or blog for your fans.

Creating clubs for like minded individuals is always fun to do. Run some simple ads in the appropriate newspapers and simply set up a time to sit around and talk shop! You can work on the model cars together, give each other pointers and tips, and basically just show off your great collections.

Speaking of showing off, how about shows for enthusiasts? Like regular car shows, you can have judging for prizes, like best custom, best restoration, best paint, best detailing, and the list goes on. This would be a great and fun way to take the cars out on the road, from town to town. Best of all, you can do it in less space than a full sized sedan would take up!

Thinking about sharing tips and pointers, you could design an e-zine or a nice little mailer with these items in it. If it became popular enough you could sell subscriptions. Everybody likes a little bit of help now and then, and a newsletter is always welcome news to a hobbyist. You can also use them for advertising collectibles for sale and trade, and for promoting the latest shows and club meetings.

A very nice thing to do with your collection is to create a nice way to display them. Quality display cases, with glass fronts and interior lights and such, can be a beautiful addition to any home. If you are handy with building as well as with your cars, you could build and sell them to others at the shows, in the paper, and so forth. Every labor of love could use a good display station.

All of these ideas can overlap and help support each other. With the tools available today, you can be a veritable one person show when collecting model scale cars. Get together with your car buddies, show off and share, get some good work done, enjoy the special camaraderie that occurs between kindred spirits, and display proudly what you enjoy most.

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