Knowing what type of car insurance to buy can often seem complicated. Most of us want a cheap policy, but we also want to make sure we have the best and most appropriate coverage to ensure we are completed protected. When purchasing car insurance, it is important to select the right amount of coverage that meets your individual needs. To select the best coverage, it is essential to understand the main types of insurance coverage. Two of the main types of insurance that one should be aware of are Full Coverage and Liability Car Insurance.

Liability Car Insurance

Liability insurance is insurance that provides coverage to a third party and property in the event of an incident causing damage that took place outside of the insured’s vehicle. All provinces and states mandate that drivers have a specified amount of liability insurance. You can not drive a vehicle without having liability insurance. If a driver with liability insurance is involved in an accident and was deemed at fault, liability insurance will provide such coverage as the other party’s medical expenses and other related costs, and coverage for damage to the other person’s vehicle or property. It will not provide coverage for the insured’s vehicle. Each province and state has established its own specific laws regarding the minimum liability that they mandate. This amount may not cover severe damages so it is essential to purchase enough liability because an accident causing severe damage can result in years of serious financial hardship. Most insurance professionals advise getting liability coverage of $1,000,000.

Full Coverage Car Insurance

Full coverage insurance is optional car insurance. This type of insurance provides liability insurance as well as collision insurance or comprehensive insurance. When a driver gets full coverage insurance, they are not only covered for all of the liability issues, but they can also have coverage if they are involved in an accident. This is very beneficial if you have an expensive car. However, if you only have a car valued at $1500.00, collision is likely not worth the cost. Basically, when you have collision insurance, you are covered if you are in a car accident whether or not you are found at-fault. This coverage does not include being intoxicated while driving and getting in an accident.

Comprehensive insurance provides coverage if the damage caused to your vehicle is not caused by another vehicle. Examples of instances where comprehensive insurance kicks in are theft of the vehicle, the vehicle is vandalized, fire, weather event that causes damage such as hail…etc. Comprehensive insurance is designed to cover damage to your vehicle where you are not at-fault. When it comes to full coverage auto insurance, a person cannot get collision without comprehensive, but they can acquire comprehensive coverage without collision.

Although car insurance can seem like a wasteful expense, it is actually an investment in one’s financial security. No matter what type of insurance you choose, it is important to make sure you are completely covered. The consequences of not having insurance can be many years of overwhelming and personally devastating debt.

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