According to designer Paul Wraith, and a few hastily concocted mathematical sums, Santa will have to visit an estimated 267,300,000 homes across the world. In order to successfully deliver a toy to every child, Santa and his team of reindeer will need to travel 124, 421, 727 miles (200,237,360 km) on Christmas Eve. A single reindeer travels on average 3,000 miles (4,827 km) per year and emits 25 kg of methane (CH4). Wraith said of Santa’s epic annual commute: “They may look cute, but Santa’s team of nine reindeer create a staggering 214,670 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions each year, so something had to be done to help him re-discover his greener roots.” This is the place where the Ford Evos Concept Sleigh comes in. The fuel efficiency of the 125 horsepower 1.0 litre EcoBoost fitted in the sleigh would reduce Santa’s fuel costs by 90% to just £12 million.

Ford Evos Concept Santa's Sleigh - 01

via: Ford