FlyKly Smart Wheel is a Kickstarter project that wants to turn your old pedal bike into a pedal assisted electro-bike by adding an electric motor in the back wheel.

The smart wheel can help the
driver pedal up to 20 mph for
30 miles. If the user goes faster than 20 mph, like when racing down a hill, or pedals with the motor off, the battery will charge automatically.

“The motor turns on when
you start pedaling and
begins accelerating to your
desired speed. It stops when
you stop,” FlyKly writes on
its Kickstarter page. “It saves
you time by getting you to
your destination faster and
gets you there without losing
your breath or breaking a

The FlyKly wheel can be controlled via Bluetooth with an iOS or Android smartphone app, or a Pebble Watch. With the app, users can program in their desired speed and monitor their distance, travel time, and battery level.


via cnet