The purpose you will use your GPS unit for will play an important role in working out exactly what is the best gps for the money. The array of brands now on the market make choosing the best model far more tricky, not easier. The amount of money you have to spend, and the functionality you require will determine the type of unit you need. This article will look at some of the important features that will determine the best GPS for the money.

Satellite Acquisition

All GPS units are designed to locate and lock on to satellites, it’s just that some are a lot better at it than others. The major brands are all fairly equal in their satellite acquisition ability, but some of the cheap models do tend to lose the signal a little too easily, not what you want in the middle of a large city.

Street Names and The Spoken Word

I still find it amazing how these things function. You can be in the middle of nowhere, or in the centre of a major city and the GPS calls out those directions precisely(most of the time) . It really is a great asset to your driving experience and makes the whole ‘driving in an unfamiliar town’ experience far less demanding. The best GPS for the money will provide accurate, timely use of street names to get you to your destination promptly and safely.

User Friendly – Ease of Use

Even if you are technologically challenged, the modern gps can be used very easily by anyone. They are usually menu driven and quite easy to understand. You don’t need to be that clever to get the thing to point you in the right direction. Some however, are a little easier to use than others, and the best gps will be simple, but have enough advanced features to get the job done.

Plenty of Functions

Depending on what you will use your GPS for, and how often, will determine the features you may need. Simple is great. I really like the ability of my tomtom GPS to be able to download points of interest straight from Google Maps. This was useful for a recent visit to Scotland and a feature I really loved.

Security and Portability

Just about all of this GPS units are extraordinarily portable and easy to get rid of from your vehicle. There are a pleasant vary of carrying cases to keep your unit safe. Forever take the GPS with you, and dispose of any mounts and cable from the dashboard and put them within the glove box. You don’t need thieves breaking in just to check if the GPS is still there.

User evaluations are a great asset when buying a portable gps unit. Website reviews and user forums can all help offer the real experiences of users. These sites will often show up any ongoing issues with a particular model that may help you. Finding the best GPS for the money can be hugely aided with the use of the internet.

I hope these useful tips have helped you to see some of the options that you can seek to find the best gps for the money.

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