Renting a car can be really tedious when you’re not sure what your needs are or which rental vehicle is right for you. When you rent a car, it is important to understand the difference in the various sizes of vehicles for the best way to choose the right vehicle for you.

Compact cars are the most frequently rented and this is usually because they are the cheapest model in the fleet. Most people choose a compact car for driving around while on holiday or when traveling for a short period of time with only two adults. Many compact vehicles include a small baggage compartment but in many cases the baggage compartment is actually a hatchback which means your luggage is actually in the vehicle with you. Anything more than one or two bags will probably wind up taking up space in the back seat as well as the baggage compartment so traveling with more than two people plus luggage can be difficult.

Midsized cars typically offer a little more room. The trunk space is still limited, but the trunk can usually hold two or three bags and there is a little more space for passengers. A family of 4 could travel comfortably in this type of vehicle, but it is not recommended to squeeze in five, unless you’re just doing it for a short trip.

Full size and luxury vehicles offer slightly more room in the trunk as well as in the passenger compartment. These vehicles usually have more upgrades and features and offer a little more room for larger passengers. This vehicle will offer more trunk space as well but you will pay more for this class of vehicle and you will also pay a little more when fueling it as well.

The largest vehicles in the fleet of most car rental companies are SUV’s and minivans. These vehicles are quite a bit more costly however they do offer a lot more comfort and flexibility when you are traveling for a long while in the vehicle. If you have five or more passengers then it will be almost a necessity to rent this size vehicle. An SUV can be comfortable and a bit more prestigious looking to drive around but if you are traveling with a lot of baggage a minivan will be a better rental for you. Most SUV’s are large but offer limited room for bags.

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