The original Fiat Cinquecento Jolly’s is made by Ghia between 1957 and 1964, while modern version is made by Jollycar.

In short, Jollycar prepared a toy for the rich people since the prices for the Fiat 500 Jolly start from 89,000 US dollars.

Of course, the car can be personalized according to the wishes of each customer, but always it comes to vehicle for a summer without a roof and doors.

It also consists of a wooden parts, the seat of bamboo and awning for some sort of protection from summer downpours.

Fiat 500 Jolly 01

Fiat 500 Jolly 02

Fiat 500 Jolly 03

Fiat 500 Jolly 04

Fiat 500 Jolly 05