Lexus division of the Toyota Motors has reinvented RX 450h with new zeal, and passion after 5 years of its first launch. This ultra luxurious hybrid SUV is updated for its 2010 model. Its exterior as well as interior features have been focused on, and have been developed to revive the phenomenon of future luxury SUVs.

In its 2005 RX model, the gas engine used a 3.3 L tank, which is now upgraded to 3.5 L V6. The engine is fully powered by a hybrid system. It has introduced a new battery technology according to which nickel-hydride battery pack is fitted under the rear seat. The gas engine, and one electric motor, or generator powers the front wheels, while a second generator powers the rear wheels. It is completely up to the choice of the driver in which mode, and condition of the hybrid system- gas only, electric only, or a combination of the two features, he/she wants to employ.

Although the exterior features have been preserved in the similar manner with respect to the previous models, the width has been elevated. In addition, the wheels have been amplified in dimension, and extra air bags present more safety measures for the complete family unit to voyage. Maintenance under the situation of an assortment of enhancements and alterations that have been brought about in the accessible model, the year 2010 model can be anticipated to be 400 pounds heavier. Its operation is least exaggerated for the reason that of the elevated steering expertise and suspension configuration.

The most interesting feature of this car is that it comes as a midsize luxury car. Its body comes in trim form only, and one can choose from standard to optional equipments that are available. The standard options include 18-inch wheels, keyless ignition, a power tilt steering wheel, sliding, and reclining second row seats, etc.

The discretionary packages vary according to the personality necessities and provisions of the drivers. The Lexus RX 450h proposes roughly 5 packages, which include sports packages, first class package, alleviate package, profligacy package and routing package.

The internal condition of this car is quite sumptuous and affluent; hence, one cannot defy the inclination to take at least a test drive in it. Genuine leather and wood finishing of the steering wheel and the seats amalgamated with the discretionary Mark R. Levinson audio system give this car a crucial experience, and a high standard air. The steering system is also discretionary and extremely user-friendly. It launched distant touch with a mouse-like regulator for the first time in the market.

It offers highly comfortable seating arrangement for the rear seat passengers, and even the cargo capacity is big, around 40 cubic feet with the rear seats up, and 80 cubic feet with those down.

Lexus RX 450h has made an enormous impact on the entire world; especially customers from the U.K. have been making their booking for the acquisition of this car to add unique and lavish equipment to their plush life styles. One of its chief attractions is that, with its trim figure and structure, it is competent of speeding in overcrowded and jam-packed areas, with its energy and environmental uniqueness.

For more information about the Lexus RX 450h, visit the Lexus website.