When talking about three-part roofs, who can forget the new and stylish offer from Lexus, in the shape of Lexus IS 250c. Lexus has always been famous for bringing style with quality, but this time they have surely crossed the limits with this beauty. Coming with a sporty look and an excellent driving performance, with balanced driving dynamics, Lexus IS 250c is surely the next big thing.

Coming with the attributes that any car lover would like to have in his car, including brilliant safety performance, non-parallel aerodynamics, NVH levels and high torsional rigidity, Lexus IS 250c can be easily distinguished from its predecessors as the new generation of Lexus Sedan series.

This car has the unique quality to be used as being used in couple as well as convertible configuration. It is a distinctive feature, which is not found in other convertibles car, and it can be considered as a warming to its competitors. Though the car is expensive, but a person who is looking for the luxurious pleasures, sound driving, and a car which gives a heavenly drive would love to get these features by spending some extra cash.

In Lexus IS 250c, one has the option of installing the navigation system with the rear camera, which makes the drive a lot safer, and easier with the help of the navigation system. In addition, it is equipped with 11-speakers sound system, which makes the journey more refreshing, and pleasurable.

Who can forget the most complimented feature of the car, which has already made it famous in the world of cars, the impressive 21 seconds fold-up of the roof top? The speed and smoothness of the opening and closing of the roof top always gives an eye-catching sight. Due to the intelligent packaging of the folding mechanism, the load space, rear seat access and rear passenger accommodation has been made a lot more spacious.

Interior design has squidgy plastic has been used in the shiny dash top in the interior. The sitting experience in the car is luxuriously comfortable. It seats have been specially designed by having an inbuilt function of ventilation, and heating, which gives an exclusive feeling of relaxation along with the soft, and slow music. One gets the best performance by the air conditioner, and the music sound system, when the roof is drawn either up or down.

There are not many changes in the physical look of the vehicle, but internal modifications have been made to accommodate the roof folding. The mirrors, door-handles, headlights, and bonnet are all the same as the previous version of the Lexus, but the newer version has huge bumper giving it a new look than, the others in the series.

The driving experience of Lexus IS 250c is of ultimately high quality. It is specially designed with rear multi-link suspension design and superior quality of double wishbone to give it a sporty as well as swift drive. There is a considerable chassis revision to ensure consistent dynamic performance in both the configurations, also the convertibles must give a smooth drive, and thus up gradation has been done.

Detailed information about the Lexus IS 250c is availiable. Why not book a test drive now!