Faraday Future plans to start testing a prototype electric vehicle without a driver on the Californian roads.
Startup company based in Los Angeles, supported by investors from China, plans to start producing and selling electric vehicles next year, but details about the cars without drivers have not yet been disclosed.

A representative of the California Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed that the Faraday received permission to test on the streets on June 17.
Faraday is one of several startup companies funded by the Chinese. They intend to compete with Tesla Motors inc. in producing premium electric vehicles. Jen Becker, director of automated driving in Faraday Technology Center in San Jose, said that their goal is to create vehicles that are “a work of art among the driving assistance systems”.

California had previously given permission to 13 companies to test autonomous vehicles on public roads, including startups from Silicon Valley – Zoox and Drive.ai. There are also Google, Tesla, Volkswagen AG, Mercedes Benz, Nissan Motor Co., BMW AG, Honda Motor Co. and Ford.

Faraday Future