In the past, about one century ago, a lot of riders do not even care to wear helmets because motorcycles back then lack in features, speed and power. Safety back then is not a big issue because of these facts. No one cared about the risk of having accidents and major injuries while they are driving motorcycles.

When better resources were made available and better automobile techniques were introduced, motorcycles started gaining speed and the fatality rate of motorcycle riders also increased. Because of the continuous increase of death due to motorcycle accidents, the urgent need for motorcycle helmets became a major issue for a lot of countries.

The very first commercial helmet was created in 1953 by a professor in the University of Southern California. They decided to make helmets for motorcycles because of the statement of Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles that they are going to make motorcycles for people who want more speed in their motorcycles.

As time goes by, a lot of high-speed motorcycles appear in the market and head protection became a necessity for motorcycle riders. Motorcycle helmet is one of the most important requirements for safety driving and it precedes other safety gears when it comes to protection. However, some motorcycle riders tend not to wear helmets because of reason like poor visibility and limit the hearing of the rider. These kinds of reasons are no longer true nowadays because of the introduction of new and improved helmets for motorcycle riders.

Helmets nowadays can now provide protection from debris, blasts, bugs and forceful winds. The helmets today are also designed to protect the ears from wind noise. When a rider encounters an impact in their head, the shell of the helmet compresses and it will disperse the force from the impact throughout the helmet. The force from the impact will be reduced because of the new features of the helmets. These helmets are usually made from fiber glass, Kevlar, polycarbonate plastic or carbon fiber.

Motorcycle riders nowadays do not want to wear helmets if they will be given a chance to not wear it. They do not want to wear helmets even if the risk for motorcycle accidents is very high. Different countries all around the world decided to make a law stating that wearing helmet when driving motorcycle is mandatory. The new law will be a big help to reduce the risk of serious injuries from motorcycle accidents.

Safety must be the first thing to be considered and wearing a helmet while driving a motorcycle will be a big help to reduce major injuries in case of an accident.

Motorcycle helmet is the best safety gear that a rider can use to avoid serious head injuries. For more information you can visit Motorcycle helmets.