Truly, weddings are charming and romantic affairs; nonetheless, they can also be quite costly. There is no point arguing this fact. So, from the instant that the man buys the engagement ring and proposes to the day of the couple’s return trip from the honeymoon, everything involves money, money, and more money. If you are wishing for a more affordable wedding ceremony, you can always have choices.

Cost cutting during weddings should not be a cause for pain. It would still be possible to have the wedding ceremony of your dreams; however, you must be creative in looking for more affordable alternatives. For example, if the bride wishes for flowers, opt for affordable bouquets instead of choosing expensive, easily wilted blooms. Or, you can search for flower shops that can give you a discount if you really like that variety. Keepsake tokens could be made by hand; clothes may be hand-sewn or rented for the occasion, and the food for the wedding ceremony reception could be home-cooked. Also, if you are fortunate to be surrounded by friends, then you could enlist their help during your wedding ceremony. Always remember that you can always lessen the cost of the wedding ceremony arrangements.

Nevertheless, there are things needed for the wedding ceremony that still need to be purchased, but these can also be bought at lower prices. If you insist that there would be a car to whisk the bride and groom off to the reception after the wedding, then the vehicle could cost you from several hundreds of dollars well into the thousands. Even if you search for a cheaper car rental, it will still cost your hundreds of dollars.

Thus, why not utilize what you already have instead? It is transforming something old into chic vintage. For some people, old is another term for boring and outdated while vintage is “retro” and classy. Considering that people are now turning to retro style, even your old car can be jazzed up to become fashionable.

You can set aside some hours for car grooming. This is really advantageous for you, considering that through car grooming, you don’t just save the money you would have otherwise spent on car rental, you would also be able to restore your vehicle’s old glory. And this just won’t last for a few hours on your wedding day. The wedding ceremony day is just one of those special days for which you can use your car.

These days, anything vintage is appraised with high value. So even if your car doesn’t fall into the category of the upper end class, you need not worry. For as long as your old clunker is running, it will do. Furthermore, color has stopped becoming a factor. If before white was the only color acceptable for the bridal car, this time, any color is acceptable so you do not need to get a new paintjob for your car.

But certainly, you would really require the decorations. Before driving off into the sunset, you just have to add the “Just Married” sign and place the necessary blooms on the hood.

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