Intelligent networked car EO 2 is a work of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, designed for cities with traffic jams and lack of parking.

Although it is only a prototype, EC 2 offers a lot of evidence that innovations could lead to a really smart, pretty flexible passenger vehicles.

Weighing only 750 pounds, with large windows and swing doors, this electric vehicle looks like it just came from the future. All four wheels can be rotated by 90.

And this is not the end of the tricks that EO 2 has to offer. Retractable panels can halve its length, to fit even where cars of the same category cannot. The electric motor provides a maximum speed to 65 km/h.

German engineers intend to connect them with each other to create a kind of composition of such vehicles and are completely solo driving, without any interference from the driver.

EO 2 Small City Car