Elio Motors has announced that it will begin to work on the fifth prototype of its ultra fuel-efficient three-wheeler. It is obvious that this model will be called the P5 and it is believed that it will be powered by newly developed 0.9L three-cylinder engine paired with Auisin automated manual transmission.

Thanks to this configuration it can achieve a fuel consumption of just 2.8 l/100km fuel.

Elio Motors plans to unveil the production version of the vehicle for about a year, while it will cost no more than 5,000 euros. Until then, a series of 26 prototypes P5 to P30 will be made for the different tests and the validation process.

The vehicle was developed to meet the highest standard of security and will have three airbags, ABS, reinforced safety cage and 50% higher crash zone compared to similar vehicles.

Elio P5 fifth Prototype Model With Three Wheels