Scooters are also motorcycles being one of its categories. Coming with a step-through frame, protective shield and a foot-board, electric scooters usually have smaller wheels. Electric scooters basically substitutes gasoline or petrol with electricity as its source of energy. Battery motors energize their engines. Electric scooters are environmentally cleaner with lower emissions. It has a lower energy cost as the cost of a recharge is lower as compared to gas. But it runs only for a shorter distance between two recharges. It runs slower too. These are some of its downsides. Electric scooters come in a variety of models. There are some models which are cheaper than gas scooter.

There are references to electric motorcycles in the later half of 19th century. The first electric motorcycle was designed in 1911. But it is only in recent times that electric scooters and motorcycle has been commercially manufactured. The source of power for the electric motor is generally batteries. However, research is going on fuel cell technology for the source of power.

The higher gasoline price and the prospects of further increase in its price make electric scooters attractive. In fact, it costs just a quarter of what it cost to buy a gas scooter. Battery charge lasts for a shorter duration and requires more frequent recharging. The recharging time is also longer. However, there has been a gradual improvement in battery technology. The battery can be recharged at home or at charging station. There are a number of electric scooters available in the market such as Vectrix VX-1, Eped Sport/City, E-Solex,Yo Speed, ZAP Zapino, EVT-4000e, Razor E125, Io-scooter,Ezip Electric Scooters and Peugeot Scoot’Elec.

Electric scooter is almost silent. This means lesser noise pollution. But it also poses a higher risk of accidents as the usual noise of the scooter announcing its presence is not there. They do not exhaust gases. They are eco-friendly. There are usually neither road taxes nor parking charges for electric scooters. There is no oil to change too. However the speed of electric scooters is lesser. The capacity of the battery reduces in winter. However, it is expected that electric scooters will rise in popularity.

For purposes like traveling, recreation, sports and preserving the environment, scooters can offer you the biggest help. Never think twice because purchasing one is a worthy decision.

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