Ghostbusters was released in June 1984 and grossed $13.6 million on its opening weekend,$23 million in its first week, and went on to total a gross box office return of $238.6 million making Ghostbusters the most successful comedy of the 1980s. Why is it a more memorable movie than other 1984 releases such as Footloose, The Karate Kid, and Beverley Hills Cop?….Because of the car!

The car is a 1959 Cadillac S&S Ambulance. S&S are the coachmakers that took the original Cadillac car and turned it into the Ambulance, much the same as coachmakers take a Volvo or Jaguar here and turn them into hearses. The car now exactly replicates the one from the movie; the roof props and logos are identical, only the interior has been amended at a cost of £7,000 to host 3 bench seats, (one in the front, and two in the rear) making the car a usable than the crude interior of the original film.

‘Ecto 1’ has a 6.5 litre V8 engine returning a rather meagre 8 miles to the gallon. The Prius it is not, but then, how much fun can you have in a Prius? It is a staggering 20 foot long by 6.5 foot wide and weighs in at a colossal 2.55 tonnes.







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