It’s another breed of EB brand, a mid engined V6 Supercharged 4.8L. The whole lighting system in this car is based on hi-bright LEDs with Neon back lights in the front. The tail-lights in EB-48S have 3 sections which their lights changes between three common colors(Red,Orange and white) continuously depending on the conditions. For example in day-light if the driver turn on the turn-indicator the whole tail-light flashes with the orange LED and if he brakes while turning two sections out of three turn red. In other words the tail-lights are prioritized, maximizing the amount of awareness for other drivers.

EB-48S Concept 01

EB-48S Concept 02

EB-48S Concept 03

EB-48S Concept 04

EB-48S Concept 05

EB-48S Concept 06